Information Technology

As a sub branch of Computer Engineering, Information Technology Engineering concentrates on business and communication applications of computing. Starting from multi-national corporations to small businesses, IT plays a stupendous role in the field of Communication, Inventory Management, Data Management, Management Information Systems and Customer Relationship Management besides developing many tools and software applications.

The curriculum for Information Technology Engineering is primarily designed to provide students with both the theoretical knowledge and technical skills with both software and hardware sectors being parts of IT. The curriculum also intends to improve technological depth of knowledge and skills in analysis, design, implementation, and use of both information technology core skills and specialization skills. The students are also taught various fundamental concepts including information security, web systems, computer networking and software engineering. The Department has highly qualified and Industry – Academia experienced faculty members in every specialization.


Computer Programming & Data Structures

Computer Programming Lab - I

Data Communication Systems

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science - I

Data Structures through C++

Data Structures Using C++ Lab

Software Engineering

Object Oriented Programming

Database Management Systems

Linux Programming

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Object Oriented Programming Systems Lab

Database Management Systems Lab

Operating Systems

Computer Networks

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science - II

Computer Networks & Operating Systems Lab

Principles of Programming Languages

Computer Graphics

Data ware housing & Data mining

Network Security

Web Technologies

Web Technologies Lab