In order to meet the wide ranging, challenging and very rapidly growing global demands for "Professional Electronics and Communication Engineers" in this hi-tech era, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established.

ECE Department of SRIIT is has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. They are committed to excellence in teaching and are passionate about research & development.

Department conducts intensive courses, seminars, workshops and technical symposia on latest trends and technologies.

The Department strives to develop long term relationships with Industries and market the students' talents effectively. The students are thus provided with high level 'Leads and Pathways' that enable them to gain access to a broad range of 'high potential' and 'hi-tech' career opportunities.

The students of the department organize annual student technical fests. Students also maintain local chapters of professional societies like IETE, ISTE etc.


Introduction to Engineering Design

Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes

Switching Theory and Logic Design

Electrical Circuits

Electronic Devices & Circuits

Signals & Systems

Electrical Technology Lab

Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

Basic Simulation Lab

Network Theory

Electronic Circuit Analysis

Pulse & Digital Circuits

Principles of Electrical Engineering

Electromagnetic Theory & Transmission Lines

Digital design using Verilog HDL

Electronic Circuit s Lab

Digital Design VHDL Lab

Computer Organization

Microprocessor & Microcontroller

Analog Communications

Linear and Digital Application

Analog Communications Lab

IC Applications and HDL Simulation Lab

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

Antenna and Wave Propagation

Digital Communications

VLSI Design

Control Systems

Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing Lab