Yes. All undergraduate engineering degrees in the USA are given as Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Engineering and graduate degrees are given as Master of Science (M.S.) in Engineering.

Since, the engineering courses in the USA are usually more hands on, you not only are expected to understand the theory but also put it into practice. USA universities are reputed worldwide for their quality of education. The USA degrees are recognized internationally, and the opportunities for jobs and further studies are better.

Students joining the International Engineering Program will study 3 years at SRIIT under JNTU-H and transfer to a USA university and study 1 year to obtain a B.S. from that USA university.

A minimum of 60% overall is required in 10th and 12th (Intermediate).

We have collaboration agreements with

University of Massachusetts Lowell

University of Missouri

University of New Haven

Saint Louis University

University of Central Missouri

Yes. It is absolutely your choice. But note that eligibility criteria differ from University to University. If you prefer a particular University then you should make sure that you meet that University's requirements with regards to percentage in the first 3 years of study at SRIIT.

If you get the required percentage (60%) in the first three years of study at SRIIT.

The degree will be awarded by the USA university.

You can decide any time from the first day you join in SRIIT until you are in the third year. The earlier the better and you can change your decision too.

It will cost approximately 12 - 20 lakhs per annum varies from university to university.

While you are a student of SRIIT, that is, for the first 3 years, you will pay the fee at SRIIT. Once you transfer to a USA university, you will be paying the fee to the USA university.

Yes, you can but it depends on how well you perform in the first three years at SRIIT.

Typically you will study 3 years at SRIIT and one year at a USA university for the BS. Student have the option to study the 5th year to get MS Degree.

You will get an F1 visa.

Yes. We will assist you in securing VISA.

You can continue your studies at SRIIT (4th year) and you will get a B.Tech. from JNTU-H on completion.

Yes, you can work up to a certain number of hours per week only in the campus.